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Our training and development programs focus on capacity building,  to develop competitiveness aimed at achieving meaningful and long-term participation in the mainstream food supply value chain by the majority of young people in South Africa.
The Training Program is divided into

We offer

Agripreneur Development Program
Agripreneur Development Program is a 12 months course divided into 3 and 9 months of Activate and Accelerate phase with on-site practical business and technical skills training.

We offer

Graduate Placement Program
African Greeneurs offers a 12 month graduate placement program on-site with practical Soil-base, Hydroponics and Aquaponics Vegetable Production growing methods and job placement with coaching.

We offer

Food Production Courses
African Greeneurs offers certified short food production courses around hyrdoponics and aquaponics, soil-based production and conservation agriculture.

We offer

Food Safety Management System Courses
African greeneurs food safety courses focuses on general hygiene , FSA training , auditing , Maintenance and advanced safety training etc.

We offer

Growing 360° Agripreneurs Programs
African greeneurs offers certified AgriSETA Skills Training in a 360° format including Short terms Courses and Learnership Trainings to build sustainability and focus.

We offer

Certified Events and Workshops
As programs progress to ensure 360 coverage of all needs, we initiate and host AgricSETA certified events and workshops .

We also ensure

Post Training Land Placement

When the trainees complete the program, they are settled on their own land with all necessary skills needed for proper output and max growth.

Supplies and Solutions Inputs

Connecting trainees to funders, suppliers of infrastructure, farming facilities and inputs, coaches and mentors, and markets, with other solutions

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