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PRODUCTION of Fresh-cut Flowers

We grow and supply highly quality deco and spray chrysanthemums, sunflowers and lisianthus. Our product bouquet offers an exciting range of colours and shapes.


Sunflowers are unique in that they can provide energy in nourishment and vibrancy - attributes that mirror the sun. Sunflowers are known for being "happy" flowers, making them the perfect gift to bring joy to someone's day. The species we specialise in is the “Helianthus annuus” which is both beautiful and edible in seeds and oil and, to a lesser extent, as an ornamental flower.


Cute and dainty Lisianthus are known to have a soft and gentle nature. These flowers have very powerful meanings like appreciation, charisma, charm, confidence and gratitude behind them. To show gratitude and thanks to someone, this would be the perfect flower. As a new addition to our product offering, we now supply the light pink, purple, peach apricot and white liasanthus flowers.


The first chrysanthemums were cultivated in China centuries ago. The boiled roots were believed to provide headache relief, and the sprouts and petals were eaten in salads. Today, as one of a few locally-based producers of high quality deco and spray ‘mums, we are proud of our product bouquet which offers an exciting range of colours and shapes

deco range

The tall, single stem flowers in our Deco Range are single stem, single head Mums which are grown using a special method of pinching ensuring you get the biggest flower when it is ready.
Ideal for Specialty Florists

Deco Bombilini Green

Deco Hornbill Pink

Deco Astroid Yellow

Deco Rabelo Red

Deco Willem Orange

Deco Magnum White

Deco Hornbill Dark Purple

Deco Antonov White

Deco Aljonka Salmon

spray range

The flowers in our Spray Range are smaller and yet have 5 or more flower heads on the Mum, ensuring that you get the best value for your bouquets.

Sprays Lynx Orange

Sprays  Coqueta Green

Sprays Malibu Purple

Sprays Rossano Pink

Sprays Carolle White

Sprays Champagne Yellow

Sprays Double White

Sprays Rabelo Red

Sprays Code Green

Sprays Carolle Yellow

Sprays Bretagne Pink